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When you need an attorney, you simply cannot afford to settle for just anyone. You need an attorney with experience in a family law, employment law, and a variety of other legal services. An attorney that will always fight for your rights and genuinely cares about your well-being. In short, you need Wendy Gail Alke.
Areas of Practice
With a focus on family and employment law, Wendy Gail Alke is dedicated to providing the citizens of Morgantown, West Virginia, with the personalized legal services they deserve. Whether helping you face a family crisis or protecting your rights as an employee, Wendy is always by your side.
Wendy, Divorce Attorney in Morgantown, WV
Your Divorce Attorney:
• Divorce
• Custody
• Alimony
• Child Support
• Domestic Partnerships
Your Legal Representative:
• Employee Rights
• Personal Injury
• Harassment Cases
• Unemployment Grievances
Your Family Lawyer:
• Adoption
• Wills & Deeds
• Wrongful Death
• Domestic Violence
• Powers of Attorney
A Client for Life
Wendy purposely keeps her firm small to ensure that you always feel like an actual client and never just a number. She does this by building a professional relationship with you. At the law office of Wendy Gail Alke, you are a client for life.
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